Equity Risk Partners Global

ERPGBolander & Co is a charter member of Equity Risk Partners Global, the first and only international insurance brokerage alliance focused exclusively on the needs of the private equity marketplace.

Today’s private equity industry is one of the fastest – growing, most complex and important sectors of the global financial services area. To succeed, you need partners with deep roots in the industry – partners that are as creative, driven and entrepreneurial as you are.

Equity Risk Partners Global is a worldwide consortium of independent insurance brokers that takes a unified and consistent approach to due diligence and insurance brokerage.  Operating in more than 50 countries, Equity Risk Partners Global brokers are strategically located in regions of the world that have a significant amount of deal activity, allowing us to provide services to private equity firms and operating companies anywhere in the world.  Utilizing the collective expertise and specialized resources of our network of member brokers, we deliver creative, cost-effective insurance solutions that help you manage your risk and get your deal done.

Our members are dedicated to understanding your business. Our resources are dedicated to helping us understand, quantify, and manage the risks associated with your business on a global scale.  Combined with our top-notch industry expertise and experienced guidance, we are your partner from due diligence to divestiture.

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More information is available at www.EquityRiskGlobal.com

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